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Horizontal Silos

Horizontal silos, also called mobile silos, are ideal for containing dust, ashes and granules. Suitable for mobile construction plants, they can be transported to the workplace by container or truck. Characterized by multiple advantages that make them unique, quality made and long-lasting. Thanks to the telescopic legs, these silos can be installed anywhere in the world in any working area. They do not require civil works and permits, so as to facilitate our customer’s work.

It is possible to require the "stand alone" set-up with electric or thermal engine, in order to be able to work in any kind of situation. Made of carbon or stainless steel, internally they can be divided into two or more compartments so that different material’s types can be stored at the same time. Knowing the raw material, it is important for the Poggi Group to find innovative technical solutions, such as to satisfy every customer’s idea and request.

These results are obtained with the use of a sophisticated and modern three-dimensional programming system combined with an antibacterial nitrogen painting process, so that our products maintain their value over time and are difficult to deteriorate.

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