Who we are

The Poggi S.p.a company was founded in 1945 by the brothers Alberto and Giuliano Poggi. Initially, the business focused on setting up public transports but, during the following years, the brothers decided to take a new, almost pioneering path, namely that of the mechanical construction industry.Then, the management passed into the hands of other two brothers Francesco and Andrea, who further developed the company by adding new machinery and specialized technical staff. Since 2000, the Company has introduced the output of products for civil and industrial works, which has made it possible to reach 70% of exports with own creations present all over the world.

The company is an entirely Made in Italy reality and its main activity is the design and construction of horizontal, vertical silos, water clarifiers and hoppers, of various types and sizes adaptable to every work sector and every request. Furthermore, metal structures for civil and industrial carpentry are produced, these too can be designed together with the customer. Always together with quality, one of the fundamental points that has allowed the growth of the Poggi Group, has been the search for customer satisfaction, through listening and understanding their needs combined with the passion for work, reliability, flexibility and professionalism of its staff and the continuous search for innovative technical solutions. Coming back to quality, the Poggi Group has obtained three sector certifications relating to it, also training its staff to achieve the final goal of the "Total Quality System". Last but not least, everything said up to now is connected to the continuous attention and respect for the environment together with the desire to improve itself so that, starting from 2011, Poggi Spa boasts total energy self-sufficiency with zero emissions, thanks to photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of the various operating units.