Collection: Accessory / Spare Parts

Spare parts accessories are a series of tools that complete equipment such as silos, they can replace parts that have worn out over time and ensure that the silos work is always under control and carried out safely.

In this section it is possible to find various types of accessories, from Level Indicators going through the Slide and Butterfly Valves up to the Silo Safety System and the Fluidization System, in order to offer a service that satisfies all our customer’s needs and requests. Each product is provided with a detailed description regarding its operation, the materials it is made of, the specific sizes and the possible variations that a specific accessory may present. Special attention is paid to the product's quality, they must always be efficient, reliable, cutting-edge and made of material that preserves its value over time and is difficult to deteriorate.

Everything that the Poggi Group proposes is always pursued by the desire and passion to carry on this job in the best way possible, respecting the values and hoping that what the Poggi Group does can help improve everyone’s life quality.