Collection: Silos

The silos in our Collection are made of iron or stainless steel and are suitable for every need, speaking in terms of volume and storable materials. In fact, these products are perfect for the storage of inert, granular, liquid and easily positioned in any construction site or place necessary to the customer, given their versatility and wide possibility of use in the most diverse production sectors. In addition, all silos can be customizable for the choice of colour and any other need, for example, vertical silos can be divided into different compartments to dose different materials. Our silos are the result of years of experimentation, passion and attention to quality. Our highly specialized staff has been using for years a sophisticated and innovative anti-bacterial nitrogen painting process and a powerful three-dimensional programming system, which during the assembly phase, ensures that all parts can fit together perfectly in order to make the more precise and faster work. Furthermore, all the equipment used is always subject to strict controls and frequent renewals. The result we want to achieve is a further growth in the prestige of our products and our company and, to achieve this, we are constantly committed to researching and manufacturing products that maintain their value over time and are difficult to deteriorate. We want to offer our customers a new experience, the possibility of having our silos tailored and adaptable to their needs, thus leaving a common logic of continuous standardization.